Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gruevski: Crvenkovski is irrelevant person

President Branko Crvenkovski is irrelevant figure in the Macedonian politics, prime minister Nikola Gruevski said today, thus reopening the rift between the two highest ranking state officials.

"He is a person who has very little competencies in the Macedonian political life. We will certainly keep up good communications with him, but he is insignificant and not very important to us. We are facing much greater challenges and we will surely - in compliance with the constitution and the laws, maintain the cohabitation with him", Gruevski said in Bitola today.

Gruevski gave the statement as answering a journalist's question on the current status of the cohabitation between the premier and the president.

The latest wave of discordances between the two politicians broke out yesterday after their meeting, when Gruevski sent a message to Crvenkovski to be cautious when nominating members of the judicial council, advising him to consult the parliamentary parties, especially the opposition.

In the ensuing response, Crvenkovski said that "the well-intentioned advises" of Gruevski are not the right way to achieve the common goals of integration to EU and NATO.

Gruevski toured the villages in Pelagonija region today, promising improvement of the agro-climate in the country and payments to all contract farmers who delivered their tobacco crops to the Prilep Tobacco Company.

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