Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Macedonia, World Bank discuss development policy loan 3

Macedonia and the World Bank opened discussions Monday in Skopje over the Programmatic Development Policy Loan - PDPL 3.

Macedonian delegation, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Stavrevski. Met with the World Bank's delegation, headed by Ivailo Izvorski, the new Country Manager for Macedonia.

Both delegations examined the progress in the implementation of reforms in business environment, financial sector, labor market, health sector, judicial reforms, decentralization and public administration to set out key conditions for realization of these reforms with a pre-defined time table.

"Given the progress in the implementation of reforms, both delegations shared the view that the negotiations for PDPL 3 could begin in autumn 2007. The arrangement can be presented to the World Bank's Board of Executive Directors in February 2008 at latest," says the statement released by government's press service.

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