Thursday, June 07, 2007

Minister Elenovski's plane involved in incident

Government's airplane returning from Brussels with Defense Minister Lazar Elenovski aboard, was forced to land last night in Germany due to technical problems.

Shortly after taking off from Brussels, a safety alarm signaling malfunction of the left engine went off, which prompted the emergency landing, A1 TV Station reported.

German Air Traffic Control approved landing at Munich airport, where maintenance staff confirmed the malfunction and started working on it.

Macedonian delegation arrived in Skopje this afternoon via commercial flight.

Macedonia purchased the aircraft Learjet 60 in 2005 for $11 million from Bombardier Aerospace company.

The business jet "Learjet 60" received Federal Aviation Administration certification in 1993. It has capacity of 8 to 10 passengers and 2 crew members,

The powerplant consists of two Pratt and Whitney 305 A twin engine, it has maximum speed of 860 km/h, rate of climb of 15.000 meters and the maximum range of 4.628 kilometers.

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