Monday, June 11, 2007

Serbian national held on Macedonian border

SKOPJE -- A Serbian citizen was prevented from crossing the Macedonian border due to high radiation levels recorded in her body.

Macedonia’s Customs Administration said that the Serbian citizen identified as V.S., traveling from Skopje to Belgrade late Thursday, was found to have larger than permitted levels of radiation in her body.

The passenger was made to get off a bus headed towards Belgrade at the request of Macedonian customs officers as the bus was quarantened at the Tabanovci border crossing.

V.S. was then handed over to experts from the Macedonian Health Care Institute.

The passenger had a certificate from the Skopje Clinical Center’s patho-physiology department that said the patient received radioactive iodine treatment for her thyroid gland disorder.

Clinical Center doctors have said that V.S. probably arranged the treatment via private channels, adding she could not have been allowed to leave the hospital on such short notice following the iodine treatment.

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