Monday, July 30, 2007

Macedonia will not kneel before Serbian gov’t

Nikola Gruevski stated Saturday stated that Macedonia withdrew its request to the Serbian government about granting access to the state delegation set to visit the monastery of Prohor Pčinjski, the usual site of Macedonian celebration of the August 2 national holiday of Ilinden.

“We waited three weeks for Serbian government’s reply that never came. Five days ahead of August 2 we decided to withdraw our request since we have estimated we had better stop begging and kneeling before the Serbian government and the SPC,” Gruevski said.

“It is humiliating that we have to wait until the very last day for their decision. The Macedonian people are watching television each night anticipating what would happen.”

He added that Macedonia should abandon all attempts to visit the monastery until the Macedonian and Serbia churches settle their dispute.

President Branko Crvenkovski noted that Gruevski’s move was hasty, adding that the visit to the place where the Anti-Fascist National Liberation Council of Macedonia (ASNOM) had it first meeting on August 2, 1944, should not have been canceled.

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