Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Marketplace sellers block streets in protest of fiscalization

Sellers at Skopje's marketplaces blocked Friday the key streets in downtown Skopje in a protest of fiscalization.

Displeased with working conditions and no aid from the state, the sellers made it clear to the authorities that they have no intention to fiscalize as it would seriously harm their work

The sellers are also displeased with the high lease fee they pay to Skopski Pazar, ranging up to 100 euros. The working conditions are long away off minimum standards.

"The state should solve the fiscalization problem with Skopje Pazar enterprise because we pay the rent there, but the enterprise remains tightlipped over the issue," sellers said.

In Skopje, there are some 30.000 out of 50.000 marketplace sellers operating across the country. They announced massive protests throughout the country on July 1 unless the government upholds their demands.

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