Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Milovanovic - US won't shift position on name

The position of the United States of the America on the constitutional name of Macedonia will not change, US Ambassador to Macedonia said.

"In 2004, we recognized Macedonia under its constitutional name. That is a policy that has not been changed and it won't change", Milovanovic said in an interview with the Skopje's weekly Forum Plus.

"As far as US is concerned, the prospects are really good as long as Macedonia is ready to finish the necessary job until the moment when the invitation is expected", Ambassador Milovanovic said.

She pointed out that the status issue must be resolved and that it would be to the benefit of the whole region.

"We have to turn the Central Balkans from a zone of insecurity to a safe place, a place that is good for investing. That can only bring good things to the region, including Macedonia, of course", Milovanovic said.

She pointed out that US doesn't expect from Macedonia to be among the first to recognize eventual Kosovo's independence.

"What we are interested in is establishment of good neighborly relations", the US Ambassador to Macedonia said in the interview with Forum Plus.

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