Thursday, July 19, 2007

Portugal is for faster accession of Macedonia to the EU

In the following six months, Portugal will work intensively to create maximal political and economic conditions for new pace of the activities for Macedonia's integration to the European Union (EU).

The chief of Portugal diplomacy Luis Amado said this on the joint press conference with his Macedonian colleague Antonio Milososki, late Friday in Skopje, explaining the reason for his official visit to Macedonia.

When asked what are the chances Macedonia to start negotiations with the EU during the Portugal's presidency, Amado said that "our political will is to go as fast as possible, if the conditions, reforms and criteria are fulfilled."

"We must stabilize this region as soon as possible and every step forward is important, which will also depend on the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the European Commission", said Amado.

He added that Portugal, at the beginning of its six-month presidency, wants to give a positive signal that Europe should enable faster accession to the entire West Balkans to the EU.

Minister Milososki said that Amado's visit shows the seriousness of Portugal's approach to the process of integration of Macedonia and the region.

"This is an additional motivation for the Government to invest all its efforts, in order during the Portugal's presidency to receive solid recommendation for commencing the negotiation process", said the chief of Macedonian diplomacy.

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