Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Slovakia pledges support to Macedonia's EU and NATO bid

The Slovak foreign minister Jan Kubish pledged on the behalf of his country his support to the Macedonian Euro-Atlantic integrations today.

The pledge has been made during the talks with the Macedonian vice-prime minister in charge of European issues, Gabriela Konevska-Trajkovska, who kicked off a working visit to Slovakia on Monday.

The Macedonian secretariat for European issues announced that minister Kubish "promised support to RM's aspirations for accession to EU and NATO also through multilateral and regional initiatives such are the Visegrad Group and the Regional Partnership, which include Slovakia as an active participant".

"Suspension of the EU enlargement process has been disabled after the last EU summit dedicated to the institutional reform of EU. We retain our commitment to the Thessaloniki agenda", Kubish said during the talks.

Konevska-Trajkovska on his part said that what was most important for Macedonia is that EU doors remain open and that it was essential to value the progress individually, i.e. each state to move forward according to the achieved results.

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