Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Cocorovska denies involvement in smuggling of half a ton of cocaine

Stanislava Cocorovska rejected accusation of having masterminded the operation of smuggling half a ton of cocaine that was seized in the beginning of 2007 in Macedonia.

Cocorovska, the prime suspect of the trial that began today in Skopje, said that the accusations included in the indictment were false and claimed that she never saw the persons accused of being part of her smuggling network.

She stated that the shipment of the emulsion paint in which the Macedonian Police found 493 kilograms of cocaine on 7 January, was organized by a Greek citizen she identified as Yannis.

In her testimony before the court, Cocorovska said that Yannis phoned her from Venezuela and promised her to send the emulsion shipment as a compensation for $78.000 of debt.

According to the defendant, since she had no use of the third shipment of paint in which the cocaine was found, Yannis organized sellout of the same in Greece and Cocorovska was to organize the transportation of the shipment from the Montenegrin seaport of Bar to Greece through her company Makfood.

The trial of Cocorovska and co-defendant Alija Azirovic, the driver of the truck in which the cocaine was stashed, started after six-month investigation.

The main hearing will go on until Thursday, which will be followed by taking testimonies of the witnesses and the defendants.

Department for fighting organized crime and corruption with the Skopje Prosecution Office initiated the indictment act, which involves also two Greek citizens who are wanted by the Police.

The prime suspect Cocorovska is accused of having masterminded the transportation of 483 kilograms of cocaine originating from Venezuela. The drugs arrived in the Montenegro's seaport of Bar by a Croatian freight ship, where it was stashed in emulsion containers and loaded in a truck driven by Azirovic.

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