Saturday, August 18, 2007

Gen. Stamboliski and Petkovski will defend themselves while free

The retired General Metodi Stamboliski and the Manager of MZT FOP Mitre Petkovski will be released from police custody to prepare while free their defense in the trial relating wrongdoings in procurement of spare parts for Macedonian Army's tanks.

An investigative judge of the Skopje District Court 1 came up with this decision today.

The former Chief of Staff of ARM, Stamboliski along with Petrevski is due to be released from the Investigative Prison in Skopje tomorrow, once they provide guarantees and hand over their passports. The two have been placed under temporary detention eight days ago.

The decision came after the Court decided not to order detention to the ex-Premier Vlado Buckovski, the prime suspect in the case that took place at the time of Buckovski's tenure as a Defense Minister. Ex-State Secretary for Defense Aco Gjurchievski is also at large.

The suspects are accused of having committed embezzlement in procurement of spare parts for army tanks in 2001, causing 4 million euros damages to the State Budget.

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