Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Greece is waiting for response on "concessions" on name of Macedonia

Greek PM Costas Karamanlis sent a message to the Macedonian authorities that Athens is waiting for an adequate response on "the concession it made" in efforts to solve the issue on name differences.

"We have taken the necessary steps, now we are waiting for the other side to respond adequately", the Greek PM said yesterday.

Karamanlis spelled out this statement during his official visit to Paris, where he met with the French President Nicholas Sarkozy and PM Fran├žois Fillon.

Karamanlis addressed the issue of differences over the name of Macedonia during talks with French top officials, focusing on the European perspective of the Western Balkan's countries.

Some of the Greek media paid special attention to the cancellation of the scheduled joint press conference. President Sarkozy called off the press meeting.

According to the opposition-oriented daily Ta Nea, by this move, the French President sent a clear message he won't allow to be embroiled into the Greek pre-election campaign

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