Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hatch Consortium takes over Macedonia's TPP Negotino

Macedonian Government has picked today the Canadian-American Consortium "Hatch" as the best bidder at the tender for selling TPP Negotino.

The Consortium, comprising also Dutch and Bulgarian companies, is due to pay 61.8 million euros to take over the thermo power plant located in central Macedonia.

Despite having placed an offer to pay 68 million euros, the Greek-American Consortium SENCAP lost to Hatch. Macedonian Vice-Prime Minister Zoran Stavrevski explained at today's conference that "Hatch's offer to build an 850 MW power plant against SENCAP's 600 MW decided the winner".

Hatch Consortium accepted for the state to have an exclusive right to priority in offering the electricity produced in the course of the first four years at a price regulated by the Regulatory Commission. The same goes for after expiration of this period, but at market price.

The tender requirements for TPP Negotino included starting bid of 38 million euros and a business plan for construction of a new plant.

TPP Negotino was sold after the second tender. The current Government annulled the first one announced by the previous one, when the plant was sold for as little as 4 million euros.

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