Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Macedonia, Montenegro to enhance economic cooperation

Macedonian and Montenegrin governments vowed on Monday to step up their cooperation on economy and efforts to join the Euro-Atlantic community, news reaching Tirana from Skopje reported.

“Macedonia and Montenegro are enjoying mutual trust and close friendship, and what we want to achieve in the future is to enhance our economic and tourism cooperation,” Macedonian Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki said after meeting with his Montenegrin counterpart Milan Rocen. The two foreign ministers signed a protocol on cooperation between the foreign ministries of the two countries, which are going to sign another cooperation agreement on their bids to join the Euro-Atlantic community. “Our ambition is to become a part of the Adriatic Group,” Rocen said.

The group, consisting of Albania, Croatia and Macedonia, expects to be invited to join the NATO at its next spring summit in Bucharest, Romania. Macedonia and Montenegro were two republics of the former Yugoslavia, from which Macedonia separated in 1991 and Montenegro in 2006.

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