Saturday, August 04, 2007

USA donates $50.000 worth firefighting equipment to Macedonia

Skopje. The US Government will provide equipment to be used in tackling the fires across Macedonia in total value of $50.000, cited by Makfax.
As announced today, on 25 July, US Ambassador to Macedonia Gillian Milovanovich notified Washington about the raging wildfires that have been sweeping across Macedonia for weeks now.
They asked for approving emergency funds aimed at procuring firefighting equipment. Ambassador's request was approved.
The funds will be realized through the USAID Office in Skopje. The equipment will be allocated in coordination with the Crises Management Center to the local firefighting units in the municipalities of Bitola, Strumica, Tetovo, Veles as well as to the public enterprise Macedonian Forests, the announcement says, giving no specifics as to the type of equipment.

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