Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fake doctor cons many in Bitola

Bitola's police are searching for a fake doctor from Skopje, who swindled many Bitola residents in the last three months, reports Makfax correspondent.

The fake doctor, who presented himself as Dr. Vasil, physical medicine specialist, promised full recuperation from heavy diseases, brain strokes, disability and other diagnoses, charging 400 Euros per session.

The owners of the apartment that the fake doctor rented were also defrauded. He did not pay for the rent or for the costs that incurred, and also borrowed 5.000 Denars from them. At the same time, Vasil promised them employment of one family member in the alleged office he was preparing to open in Bitola.

It is not known when did the doctor leave Bitola, and none of the defrauded citizens could track him.

Some of the conned reported the case to Bitola police, and the exact number of defrauded citizens is still being determined.

It is suspected that this is the same person that in May this year conned residents of Kumanovo by promising them healing from heavy diseases.

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