Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ljubco Georgievski requested separation of Macedonia

Skopje. If Kosovo receives independence, the Albanian extremists would attack Macedonia in five years, the former Macedonian Prime Minister, now Bulgarian citizen Ljubco Georgievski forecasted form the coasts of the Black Sea, the Macedonian TV channel A1 announced.
Speaking in the Bulgarian coastal resort town of Sozopol, Georgievski has requested that Macedonia, which according to him was now functioning as a federative state, is separated, as the towns of Tetovo, Debar and Gostivar, which are purely Albanian, are given to the Albanians.
Georgievski proposed that Skopje and Struga remain in the Macedonian part of Macedonia, as the two towns were half-Albanian in his opinion.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Ljubco sold his native country, took as much as possible while he was a president which is disgraceful, now holds another country passport, so he better be quiet, because he has not done anything good for his country, only for himself.