Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Popular Macedonian singer Toshe Proeski dies in car accident in Croatia

Macedonian pop star Toshe Proeski, whose ballads earned him admirers across the former Yugoslavia, died Tuesday when his car crashed into a truck on a motorway in Croatia, police said.

Proeski, 26, represented Macedonia in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest, and his good looks and romantic songs such as "Heart is not a stone" and "Tie me to yourself" won him fans across the former Yugoslavia.

He recorded seven albums, as well as duets with other popular singers in the Balkans.

In Macedonia, parliament canceled its session after hearing the news, and the government declared Wednesday a day of mourning. Dozens of teenagers gathered at the main square in the capital, Skopje, to light candles and pay tribute to him.

"Macedonia and the Balkans lost an angel," said the head of the Macedonian Orthodox church, Archbishop Stefan.

Macedonian President Branko Crvenkovski said: "We all have been blessed with such a great singer and with his immense soul filled with love."

Proeski began his music career in 1996. He studied singing at Skopje Music Academy and in New York. He was also known for his charity work, and became a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2004.

U.S. ambassador to Macedonia, Gillian Milovanovic, who worked with Proeski on several humanitarian projects, said he was an "outstanding example of how much good one person can accomplish."

In his native town of Krusevo in central Macedonia, schools canceled classes.

Proeski's body is expected to be transferred to Macedonia late Tuesday, and to be buried in Krusevo.

Croatian police spokeswoman Kata Nuic said the driver of Proeski's car and another passenger were also injured in the crash. Nuic said the accident likely was caused by "speed and (driver's) exhaustion."


Anonymous said...

It is so sad fot this to happen. He was a great singer.

Anonymous said...

Im a very big fan of Tose. im not even a Balkanese. Im an Asian and Tose's music contributes a lot in my interest of the Balkan REgion. The former Yugoslavian Nations are very close to my heart next to my Mother Country, the Philippines.

REst In Peace My Idol Tose...!

your very big fan,