Thursday, October 11, 2007

Separation of Kosovo will mean separation of Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Greece: AOK veteran

Pristina. Any separation of Kosovo will have to be done in accordance with the international principles – the right to self-definition, ethnic principle or principle of the majority. But these principles should not be used only for Kosovo, but also for Presevo, /Southern Serbia/ , Macedonia and Montenegro. This was said by Faton Klinaku, Secretary of the Organization of the Veterans of the Army for the Liberation of Kosovo.
Where there are more Albanians – there will be Albania. This will happen if they start a separation of Kosovo. At the end of it all, such development is in our benefit, since all Albanian swill unite in a single country’, Klinaku said.
‘I whould also say that before 1999 the Albanians were the majority in Northern Kosovo, Klinaku said. After the war the UNMIK administration and the Kosovo institutions were absent from that part of Kosovo. This allowed Serbia to occupy these lands. In other words, if there is no separation, the situation before the war in 1999 should be taken into account, when the Albanians were a majority in Northern Kosovo.


Anonymous said...

Yes we all have heard this many times. I doubt that U.S is going to help you out the 2nd time. Begin your violence and unite Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. The outcome will be terrible for you.

Anonymous said...

Well nobody is going to do that. If in the future there are going to be no more borders, no passport checking and better transportation or we fortunately join EU, then it's going to be the economy, the similar culture and the love that will unite us. And I'm sorry for the people who will just desperately witness it...
Piece and love, brother!