Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ali Krasnici is still not questioned by police about gunfight in Tetovo village

Ali Krasnici was the one wounded in the gunfight in the village of Tetovo, Odrin, last week, and is now in the Clinic for Stomach Surgery in Skopje for treatment, the Director of the clinic confirmed today, the Macedonian newspaper Dnevnik writes today. In the gunfight Dzavid Morina who had escaped from the Kosovo prison Doubrava was killed. It is still not clear why Krasnici was transferred from Tetovo to Skopje. His brother, Agim Krasnici, member of the Albanian Democratic Party, denied immediately after the incident that his brother was wounded in the gunfight. According to unofficial data Krasnici hasn’t been questioned yet by the police about the incident.

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