Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Greece donates hospital equipment to FYROM

SKOPJE (ANA-MPA/N. Frangopoulos) - Greece has donated hospital equipment to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) composed of four machines and an equal number of fully equipped ambulances to help meet health needs in the cities of Skopje, Tetovo and Bitola.

The amount of the donation reaches 300,000 euros and is part of the National Plan for Economic Reconstruction of the Balkans (NPERB).

FYROM Health Minister Imer Selmani thanked the Greek government for the donation during a relevant ceremony held in Skopje on Monday.

"This act by the government of Greece proves that health knows no borders and that the modernisation of the health systems of the countries in the region secures quality health services for the population," Selmani said.

The head of Greece's Liaison Office in FYROM, Alexandra Papadopoulou, said that the donation constitutes another contribution by Greece towards handling the needs of FYROM, particularly in such a sensitive sector as is citizens' health.

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