Sunday, November 04, 2007

Miloshoski says Greece should recognize Macedonia's name

Macedonia will become an ally for Greece through recognition of the country's constitutional name, Macedonian Foreign Minister Antonio Miloshoski said on Monday.

"Greece recognizes our country as FYROM, and we are partners. Once Greece recognizes our country by the name Republic of Macedonia, we will be allies. Everything is in Greece's hands," Miloshovski said in an interview for Greek daily Elefteros Typos.

During the upcoming talks in New York, slated for Thursday, Macedonia won't quit the double formula to resolve the name differences, Miloshoski added.

As regards Greece's threats to veto Macedonia's integration into Euro-Atlantic community, Macedonian foreign minister made it clear that with the 1995 interim treaty, Athens undertook not to hamper the accession of its neighboring country in the international organizations.

Miloshoski told Elefteros Typos daily that Macedonia has no territorial claims to any of its neighboring countries, adding that re-naming of Skopje's airport into Alexander the Great does not constitute a provocation toward Greece.

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