Monday, December 03, 2007

Macedonian police seize arms near Tetovo

The operation, carried out the day before on three locations near the village of Prsce, revealed 18 hand-held rocket launcher missiles and 33 gunpowder charges, hidden in two wooden crates and four sacks.

The village of Prsce is located in the same region where Dxavit Morina, a former KLA commander, who escaped from the Dubrava prison, near Istok, Kosovo, last August, was killed a few weeks ago.

In the same region, police operation Mountain Storm was carried out two weeks ago, when six members of an Albanian armed gang were killed and more than a dozen arrested, while weapons seized on that occasion were "enough to arm 650 men" according to the Macedonian MUP.

Op Mountain Storm also left Ramadan Shiti, another Dubrava escapee, dead, while fugitive Lirim Jakupi managed to escape.

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