Thursday, January 03, 2008

Cocorovska sentenced to 14,5 years in prison

The Skopje Court sentenced to 14,5 years in prison Stanislava Cocorovska, who was accused of having masterminded smuggling of nearly half a ton of cocaine that was seized by Macedonian border authorities in early 2007.

The Court pronounced identical sentence to Alija Azirovic, the driver of the lorry in which 440 kilograms of cocaine stashed in paint cans were found on 7 January, 2007 at Blace border crossing.

Cocorovska and Azirovic's lawyers announced to appeal the verdict. The defense claimed that their clients were victims of a set-up and that the prosecution failed to sustain the accusation of their involvement with sufficient material evidence.

Cocorovska, who is also a holder of a Serbian citizenship, has been put under custody in the Skopje investigative prison since last May, when Serbia approved her extradition to Macedonia, Azirovic has been under temporary detention since the day of uncovering the drug.

The formal accusation against Cocorovska and Azirovic was raised last May by the Department for fighting organized crime and corruption with the Skopje prosecution office.

The indictment act mentions also two Greek citizens, however, except for Cocorovska and Azirovic, no person has been arrested in relation to the cocaine smuggling case.

The drug was loaded in a Croatian freight boat last year in Venezuela and transported to the
Montenegrin port of Bar. The shipment was en route to Greece when it was seized at the Macedonian border.

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