Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cop killer dies during arrest

SKOPJE -- Naser Nebija, a suspect in the murder of a Macedonian policeman, was killed yesterday.

Nebija's house in the village of Archinovo, near the capital of Skopje, was surrounded by Macedonian police who attempted to arrest him when the suspect opened fire at officers.

They returned fire shooting and killing him, MIA news agency reported today.

Nebija, who escaped Idrizovo prison in September 2006, was suspected of murdering a member of Macedonian special police force, Zoran Markovski, on January 3 this year in Skopje.

Three policemen were also wounded in the attack.

Nebija served a ten-year sentence in Idrizovo after he was found guilty of rape. Previously, he was a suspect in a number of robbery cases.

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