Thursday, January 03, 2008

EU will prevent spillover of violence into Macedonia

The European Union (EU) will do everything to avoid any kind of spillover of eventual violence in Kosovo or in the neighborhood to Macedonia.

The special representative of Portugal EU presidency Antonio Tanger Correa in an interview for the "Euro Zoom" TV show.

"Macedonia is a country with certain fragility in its composition. It is a very important country and should be preserved, but if there is radicalization in the region, there is risk of transferring that radicalization to Macedonia. We in the EU will do everything to avoid that", Correa said.

He pointed out that there are many problems in the region, such as the final status of Kosovo and the problems in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

"Serbia and BiH are key countries in the region. If there is instability in these two countries, than the stability of the region will be in question", Correa said.

The Portuguese diplomat emphasized the importance of EU engagement in finding solution of these issues, because that could endanger the stability of a region that is part of Europe.

According to him, EU wants the final status of Kosovo to be solved with a resolution of the UN Security Council, but if that can not be done, "Europe will take the matters in its own hands and will solve the problem, Correa said.

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