Thursday, January 31, 2008

Residential apartments fraud in Ohrid, Macedonia

Over 30 people fell victims to illegal sale of apartments in the Macedonian town of Ohrid, Makfax's correspondent reported.
According to sources, the damaged citizens are keeping constant touch among themselves in an attempt to locate Milco Najdeski, the owner of the real estate agency "Centar", who is suspected of having committed the fraud.
The Police are also trying to track down Najdeski as well as the Bulgarian citizen Yuliana Antova, a suspected accessory in the scheme.
The two are suspected of having sold a single apartment to several buyers in a building that was to be constructed on a property owned by Antova, scooping nearly 300,000 euros from about 20 citizens.
Unofficial information suggests that the total amount of the illegally generated money and the number of defrauded citizens might be much higher.
The suspects are unavailable to the law enforcement authorities and are very likely to have fled aboard.

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