Friday, February 01, 2008

Macedonia Minister "should Resign"

The leader of Macedonia’s New Social Democrats, NSDP, has urged the defence minister, appointed from within the party’s ranks, to resign over the fate of 11 Macedonian soldiers who were killed in a helicopter crash.

“If I were in minister Lazar Elenovski’s place, I would have resigned immediately after the army helicopter crashed,” NSDP President Tito Petkovski said at a news conference on Wednesday.

He explained that the minister should now step down out of solidarity with the families of the soldiers who were killed when their helicopter came down in thick fog near Skopje airport on January 12.

The soldiers were returning home from an EU-led peacekeeping mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On Tuesday Elenovski told parliament that he did not feel morally responsible for the tragedy.

The causes of the accident are still being investigated by the authorities.

A day of national mourning was declared on the day of the soldiers’ funeral.

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