Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Macedonia observes 136th anniversary of Goce Delcev's birth

Macedonia is marking today the 136th anniversary of the birth of Goce Delcev, one of the greatest revolutionaries of the Macedonian people.

A governmental delegation led by the PM Nikola Gruevski, officials of the President Crvenkovski's Cabinet, members of Parliament as well as representatives of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia, Veterans' Association, Macedonian Academy of Arts and Sciences and organizations bearing his name, laid flowers Monday morning at his tomb in the "St. Spas" church in Skopje.

Professor Marija Pandevska, PhD, delivered a speech on Delcev's life and work.

Goce Delcev was born on January 23, 1872 in Kukush (Kiklis), Aegean Macedonia. After graduating at the Military academy in Sofia in 1891, he returned to Macedonia to become a teacher in Stip, where he met Dame Gruev, one of the founders of the Secret Macedonian Odrin Revolutionary Organization. As a result of the close friendship between the two, Delcev joined the organization in 1895 becoming before long one of its main leaders.

Delcev was killed on May 4, 1903 in an armed skirmish with Turkish soldiers just outside the village of Banica.

The recent historiographical data leave little doubt that Delcev was betrayed, although no clear evidence as to the traitor has emerged yet.

His body had been initially brought into Bulgaria, only to be relocated on October 11, 1946 in Macedonia. His remains are interned in the courtyard of the Skopje's Church "St. Spas".

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