Saturday, March 01, 2008

Archeological site discovered in Ohrid

A valuable archeological site was found in the old area of Ohrid, near the St. Sofia church, during building of a house in this part of the town.

According to the director of the Cultural Heritage Protection Paskal Kuzman, it is an early Christian basilica from 4 or 5 century with a well-preserved mosaic. He added that the basilica most probably is a part of an Episcopal court that the archeologists expected to find at the Plaoshnik site.

The experts of the Cultural Heritage Protection institution and the Museum performed research and the construction works were halted, and, as announced by the institution, the site of the finding will be expropriated.

According to Kuzman, Ohrid's old part, and especially the locality known as Mancevci, hides enormous cultural and historical heritage that is yet to be discovered.

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