Friday, March 07, 2008

Bulgaria MP: Macedonia Was, and Is Bulgarian

The leader of the VMRO party Krasimir Karakachanov presented in parliament Wednesday a protest declaration regarding the repressive measures against citizens of the Republic of Macedonia who declare themselves Bulgarian.

"A country which does not follow the European standards, and which persecutes its citizens with Bulgarian self-consciousness, has no place in the European Union", the VMRO declaration reads.

MP Karakachanov called upon the key state institutions - the President, the Parliament, and the Council of Ministers - to adopt this position.

Karakachanov said the protest declaration was triggered by the recent case in the Macedonian town of Veles, where the local police filed a suit against the Bulgarian citizen Dragi Karev for building in his own yard a bust of Todor Alexandrov, a famous Bulgarian revolutionary hero from Macedonia.

"In the recent months the treatment of Macedonian citizens, which declare themselves Bulgarian, is taking very ugly and antidemocratic forms", the declaration concludes.

Karakachanov ended his speech with the words: "Maceonian was and is Bulgarian, long live Bulgaria".

The VMRO political party that he chairs is the successor of the Internal Macedonian and Thracian Revolutionary Organization, founded in 1893.

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