Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Education Ministry strips Brvenica municipality of power

Ministry of Education and Science stripped the local government in Brvenica (Tetovo) of its power to name and dismiss school principals and teachers' boards.

The Ministry spelled out the reasons for such a decision. Today's statement by the Ministry comes after a series of fabrications spread by the municipality of Brvenica.

On 26 December 2007 and 11 January 2008, the Ministry carried out an inspection in 7 Marsi Primary School in the village of Celopek and noted several shortcomings. The school had no documents showing the names of members of school board and parent council. Furthermore, there were no verification papers. The school's main books were not regularly updates. The probe also detected nepotism cases till December 2007. A number of teachers did not pass the required exam.

The Ministry notified the mayor as well as the Brvenica Council about the irregularities, but neither the mayor nor the council did anything to improve the situation. Consequently, the Ministry has decided to strip the local government of its power to name school principals and members of teacher's boards.

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