Sunday, April 06, 2008

Greek businesses feel the pain

Greek businesses in Macedonia are very worried and confused as to what had occured this week. The change in Macedonians' attitude was easily noticed since Thursday.

Disappointed with their southern neighbor over the NATO veto, Macedonians have already started canceling their vacations to Greece, opting to Turkey instead.

"I can't say I haven't had cancellations when I have. The interest of Macedonians' to go on vacation in Greece has been drastically lowered." says a worker in Savana, a Tourist Agency.

However, Greek businesses may suffer the most in the Banking sector. Stopanska Banka, which is owned by the Greek National Bank has seen people close their portfolios and transfer to local banks.

The Greek chain Vero still has Macedonians shopping there, but not for Greek products. "To be honest with you, for the first time I looked at the label to see where it is produced. If in Greece, I put it back on the shelf." says Vero shopper.

In Gevgelija a Greek business owner who has invested 1 million Euros in retail stores was baffled by the Greek Government. He spoke to us shortly, on condition of anonymity: "I don't know what to say, I am confused and worried for my investments. I never thought Greece would put a veto, I honestly thought the veto talk was to scare Macedonia."

The 2006 figures put Greek investments in Macedonia at 320 million euros.

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