Sunday, June 08, 2008

Macedonia inflation below 10% in May

n Macedonia, the inflation dropped to below 10 percent in May, following the two-digit inflation rate in the previous months.

According to data released by State Statistical Office, the Retail Price Index in May 2008, rose 7.6% compared with May 2007, whilst the Consumer Price Index increased by 9.5%.

The Retail Price Index in May 2008, compared to April 2008, rose 0.4%, while the Consumer Price Index increased by 0.2%.

The consumer basket for food and beverages for a four-member household in May 2008 calculated on the basis of retail prices stands at 12.414 denars, a 0.1% jump comparing with the previous month.

An increase in the Consumer Price Index by 0.2% was prompted by the higher indices of fruit by 5.4%, dried fruit by 2.5%, dairy products by 2.2%, fats by 1.9%, eggs by 1.6%, processed fish by 1.0%, fish by 0.9%, cereals, processed meat and other food products by 0.4%.

In May, also increased oil derivatives by 5.5%, footwear by 2.0%, clothes by 1.2%, alcoholic beverages and passenger transport by 1.0%

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