Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fines for incorrect use of Macedonian to be increased

Authorities in Macedonia introduced new fines for non-compliance with "the proper use of the Macedonian language and the Cyrillic alphabet," Bulgarian broadcaster said.

Currently, the Law on the use of the Macedonian language foresees fines of between 160 and 320 euro. The fines would now be increased to a maximum of 3000 euro, Bulgarian news agency BTA quoted Macedonian information agency MIA as saying.

Macedonian daily Dnevnik said any publisher, media company or municipality risked being fined for violating the law. The new law would be especially expensive on anyone using foreign words like "advertisement" or "management", quoted Dnevnik as saying.

"The linguists of the Institute of Macedonian language Kraste Misirkov would be most pleased with the new amendments, as they have for years complained that the Macedonian language was being destroyed because of a lack of rules. The institute has not been please with companies, media and public personalities using words and phrases from English and the languages of neighbouring countries," quoted Dnevnik as saying.

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