Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gas Prices Down, Heating Up

The retail prices of gasoline will be reduced by 2,5 denars, diesel by 1,5 denars and household oil by 2 denars per liter as of Monday midnight.

According to the Energy Regulatory Commission, the new price of MB-96 is 78,00 denars per liter, of EUROSUPER-95 - 75,00 denars per liter, of EUROSUPER-98 - 76,00 denars per liter, whereas Euro diesel will be sold for 75 denars per liter, extra light household oil for 63,50 denars per liter and extra light household oil-1 (EL-1) - 64 denars per liter.

The price of crude oil M2 will jump by 0,614 denars, to reach 38,896 denars per kilogram.

Heating price Up

Energy Regulatory Commission decided Monday to increase heating price in Skopje by 60.35 percent for beneficiaries of "Toplifikacija-Skopje", and by 30.25 percent for beneficiaries of "Toplifikacija Skopje-Sever".

The new price amounts to Denar 4,4556 per kWh and Denar 3,7537 per kWh respectively.

The new prices will be applied as of August. The Commission justifies the decision due to the crude oil price increase, as well as the Constitutional Court decision for prevention of the retroactive heating price increase.

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