Thursday, July 24, 2008

Macedonia: Bulgaria Keeps Us Away from EU

Bulgaria pushes Macedonia further away from the European Union.

This is claimed in the Macedonian newspaper ‘Utrinski vesnik'.

Bulgaria will have to face the shame in front of the European Commission despite some values that the misuses with European funds there are not bigger than those, found in Greece few years ago.

It is absolutely sure that Brussels will deprive Bulgaria of 600 million EUR from the pre- joining funds tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the bad news for Bulgaria is a bad news for Macedonia, is written in the article.

The newspaper describes the values of the three reports of the European Commission which will be officially announced tomorrow as he claims that the dictionary, EU uses to point the condition of Bulgaria and the measures, which undertakes are the sharpest, seen even in Brussels, such, that can destabilize the Government in Bulgaria.

The reason, according to ‘Utrinski vesnik' is that there is forming a new attitude by the EU to the newly accepted members of and candidates for membership.

Big part of the resources, the issue continues, which are now shortened in Bulgaria, have been intended for the development of transport infrastructure and energy net, which would bring benefits to the whole region.

Such pressure from EU over Bulgaria, compared to the much more tempered values of the corruption in Romania rises the question what exactly evokes this special treatment by the side of EU to Sofia.

Brussels is especially concerned about the null results in the fight with corruption on the high authority levels and the organized criminality and why the institutions and the undertaken activities sound well on paper, but they completely fail in practice, the article in ‘Utrinski vesnik' continues.

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