Sunday, July 27, 2008

Macedonian Defence Minister Awards Special Operations Troops for NATO Efforts

Minister of Defence Lazar Elenovski visited Thursday [ 24 July] the Special Operations Regiment in the Skopje- based Ilinden barracks, upon his initiative, to award 10 soldiers with decorations for their contribution in Macedonia's NATO accession process.

Elenovski noted the Special Operations Regiment had given the biggest contribution towards NATO membership through its constant participation in peacekeeping missions, where it showcased its readiness and professionalism.

Speaking to reporters, he said that a reply to the second letter sent to EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, demanding official annulment of the order for removal of the MKD [Macedonia] insignia from uniforms of the Macedonian peacekeepers in the Bosnia & Hercegovina mission, hadn't arrived yet in the Ministry of Defence.

-It is expected the EU high representative to respond in an adequate manner, either with a letter or by revoking the order, Minister Elenovski told the press in Ilinden barracks.

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