Sunday, July 27, 2008

Opposition holding the ruling Government hostage

The speaker of the Parliament, Trajko Veljanovski, called the opposition, which announced boycott of Parliament's sessions, to attend tomorrow's session where the new Macedonian Government will be voted for.

"I call the opposition, which announced it wouldn't come, to attend the session for voting on the new Government, so we show we have democratic capacity and responsibility towards the citizens", Veljanovski said.

The voting, according to him, is "a democratic principle through which the Government is introduced in front of the legislative house and receives legitimacy from it".

"I call coordinators of all parliamentary groups to come to coordinate on Saturday, in order to schedule the session's agenda, as well as to discuss other open issues", says Veljanovski's statement.

Because of the announced coordination, Veljanovski re-scheduled the session for voting on the new Government for 17 hours.

The coalition led by SDSM announced boycott of the Parliament after Strumica mayor was detained, and confirmed the decision after the adoption of new Parliament Rulebook of Procedure, while DPA announced its exit immediately after the end of elections because they lost fair and square.

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