Thursday, July 24, 2008

SDSM requires written guarantee to return to parliament

Written agreement for the approval of all parliamentary parties that the parliament’s regulation will be passed after a consensus between the ruling and opposition, as well as a guarantee that the principle for presumption of innocence will be respected and that there will be no more theatrical arrests – this is the offer of former leader of the Liberal party, Stojan Andov, approved by the oppositional Social Democratic Union of Macedonia /SDSM/ as one of the conditions required for the opposition to take part in the parliament and to attend the sitting on Saturday when the new government is to be formed, the Vecer newspaper informs.
The SDSM pointed that it does not set concrete requirements to the government. However, SDSM leader, Radmila Sekerinska remarked that Andov’s offers are interesting.
After the Monday sitting of executive committee of the party in Strumica, and the decision to continue to boycott the parliament, Sekerinska declared that the arrest of Strumica mayor Zoran Zaev and the approval of the parliament’s regulations were the last stew to break the camel’s back.

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