Thursday, July 24, 2008

Skopje asks EC support for Macedonian minority in Greece

Skopje’s leadership is resolute on putting an accent on Macedonian minority in Greece and avoiding negotiations with Athens regarding the name issue, Greek-based newspaper Ta Nea reads Monday.
Newspaper claims that Macedonian PM Nikola Gruevski sent letter to EC President Jose Manuel Barroso requesting from Brussels to urge for improvement of living conditions of the Macedonian minority in Greece.
Gruevski’s letter to Barroso is a sign that Skopje is asking the support from the European Commission, Athens newspaper comments.
Several days ago PM Nikola Gruevski also sent letter to his Greek colleague Kostas Karamanlis requesting recognition of the Macedonian minority in Greece.
In his reply Karamanlis pointed out that there is no Macedonian minority in Greece and that there never has been. He said that the only dispute between Athens and Skopje referred to the name issue, which should be resolved in the frameworks of the negotiation procedure under UN mediation.
Ta Nea cited the academician Blaze Ristevski who said it is high time Government in Skopje to raise the issue of minority and with the letter to Athens, PM Nikola Gruevski presented exactness in conception of the Macedonian identity.

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