Thursday, July 31, 2008

'SwedMilk Macedonia' gets EU export license

"Swedmilk Macedonia" can officially export milk at the European market as of Tuesday, after obtaining an export certificate.

"Through this decision, we will aim at completing agreements for export in France, Bulgaria etc. In the past six months, we have shown that the Macedonian product is competitive. Latest data shows that 35 percent of import has been replaced by the best Macedonian milk", said "Swedmilk Macedonia" general manager Roger Oscarson.

In the meantime, the factory has also completed the six-month test period for the HACCP certificate.

"We have already launched activities to acquire the BRC certificate, which is important for Nordic countries. We are doing everything so that the best Macedonian milk is competitive at the European market", added Oscarson.

Thus far, "Swedmilk Investment" investments amount to Euro 25 million. The dairy employs 120 people, whereas cooperation agreements with about 1,200 farmers have been signed.

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