Monday, August 11, 2008

Controversial solutions for return of opposition

Macedonian President Branko Crvenkovski warned that the country won't receive date for membership negotiations with the European Union if the opposition does not return to the Parliament, for which he offered a solution.

In order the opposition to return to the Parliament, he offers to SDSM abolition of Strumica mayor Zoran Zaev and his associates, in relation to the "Global" case.

The President guarantees to DPA that he won't sign the decree on the Law on Languages Use and that there will be repeated Parliament procedure on this issue. Otherwise, the President said this Law is good.

To bring the opposition back to the Parliament, the President also said he won't sign the laws on lobbying, on labour relations, on expropriation and on law Bar, causing them to be returned to the Parliament.

In the October report, the European Commission won't give recommendation for starting the accession negotiations with the Union", Crvenkovski said, stating that the failure to meet the eight criteria set forth by the EU and election irregularities are the cause.

However, according to the President, the most serious problem is opposition's boycott of the Parliament and other state bodies.

"We are not receiving negotiation date from the EU with this defective Parliament, and halfway democracy", Crvenkovski said.

The President also said he will try to talk with SDSM and DPA presidents, Radmila Sekerinska and Menduh Thaci. He added that if the opposition does not stop the boycott, his proposals are pointless.

Crvenkovski also pointed out that, according to him, politics is involved in crime-fighting.

"I am convinced that the combat against crime and corruption... is used for political settlements with opponents of the government", the President said.

When asked by journalists about eventual election of the President by the Parliament, Crvenkovski replied: "I have no intention to resign before the end of my term".

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