Thursday, August 21, 2008

Everyone will recognize Macedonian minority except for Greece

The Greek Foreign Ministry did not understand and neither did react when the foundations of the recognition of the Macedonian language as a regional or minority language was created in the Council of Europe after Romania’s decision to grant this statute to the language, the Macedonian daily Dnevnik reported, citing the Greek Pontiki.
On May 1st Romania joined the European charter for regional or minority languages of the Council of Europe by recognizing the existence and the necessity of protection of the Macedonian language on its territory.
Diplomats in Strasburg note that the time, when the Macedonian language, i.e. the Macedonian minority, which speaks this language, would be recognized by neighbors and other states, it not too far. And Greece will remain the only country to support the position that there is neither Macedonian language, nor Macedonian minority on its territory.

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