Thursday, August 21, 2008

Greek citizens get "return to sender"

Greek citizens are a bit in a pickle after sending and then seeing their letters to Macedonia sent back to them. It's the 17th Olympic games between the Macedonian and Greek Government.

Greek postal service wont let their citizens write anything other than the acronym as a destination, while Macedonian postal service sends back to original sender everything that contains the acronym. Greece is the only country that forces their citizens to use the acronym to send their mail, otherwise the postal service refuses to send the mail.

Though Greek citizens are the loosers in this case, there are certain cases where Macedonian citizens struggle to get their important mail. A lady who wished to stay anonymous said she was expecting very important documents from her Greek attoney regarding property in Greece, but she didn't received it.

"My attorney from Solun called me up and told me, 'guess what, the letter I sent you with the documents, I just got it back'. I mean what is this, now I can't get letters?! I already complained to the Macedonian Postal Service, but there was no response from there. This is important documentation, I need to include my property in their Cadastral and the procedure is already in place. This is just needlesly making my job more difficult." says frustrated Macedonian citizen.

At the moment this is how it functions. It is fairly simple, actually. Mail from Greece is sent with the acronym, as shown on the image above, Macedonian postal service crosses out the acronym, writes 'Greece' underneath, and it goes back to Greece.

As Macedonia and Greece perform poorly at the Olympics, we have our own Olympic games with Airlines, Tourists, Postal Services. Lots of medals up for grabs, no need for Beijing and more importantly for the Greek side, no need for steroid use.

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