Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Macedonia enacts Singapore like littering laws

Parliament passed new laws regarding littering. Steep fees apply to individuals, businesses and local governments who fail to obey the law.

Throwing a chewing gum, spitting, or dropping cigarette butts will set you back 50 euros. If the individual doesn’t pay the fee on the spot, their case is forwarded to the Courts where the fee is increased three times, to 150 euros.
However, the punishment for individuals can vary anywhere from 50 to 500 euros. For instance the fee is higher for someone spilling motor oil on a greenery.

If you can’t pay your fee, you will work for the Government, anywhere from three to six days (probably cleaning the city).
Local Institutions, Commercial buildings will be fined 500 euros if they are missing trash bins.

Government Ministers will be fined 1000 euros if their Ministry doesn’t have trash bins or is missing toilet paper in their bathrooms.

Heavy fines will apply to citizens who throw garbage next to city trash containers, burn the trash in the container or park their cars at a distance smaller than 10 meters to the trash container.

Local municipalities will take care of their own greeneries as well as cleaning. Each county will have the freedom to decide how much money will they invest in cleaning and maintaining city streets. In winter time severe fees will apply for any municipality who within six hours fails to clean up their streets from snow falls.

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