Monday, August 11, 2008

Mystery surrounds Barbara's death

Eighteen years old Barbara Lazarova, died on Sunday at 22:00hrs at Skopje's Nephrology Clinic. The director of Nephrology Dr Aleksandar Sikole says doctors have a diagnosis, however are waiting for the autopsy results.

"The kidneys were damaged, the heart, blood, brain damages... It's the law to make an autopsy in this case because it is very unusual for a young woman to have such serious complications with so many of her organs." says Dr. Sikole.

Barbara had been admitted at the Skopje Clinic on July 29th with diarrhea and a fever like temperature. The doctors did not get an indication that Barbara had menninghitis. It's not clear yet, what caused the poisoning, however 'spoilt meat' is the primary suspect. Barbara had eaten meat at a Budva Restaurant, and later drank water from a fountain outside.

Monetengro Authorities have performed inspection at the restaurant where Barbara ate, however the inspection was done two days after the incident was reported!

The owner of the Restaurant says it was impossible for the food poisoning to have come from his Restaurant. Serbian Media had also written of menninghitis cases in Podgorica and Danilovgrad, but Montenegro denied this.

Barbara's parents have blamed Montenegro in part for not helping her at their Hospitals. Barbara had been charged 80 euros for her hospital visit in Budva, and later was charged 100 euros for a 30km taxi ride. This slowed down Barbara's return to Macedonia, because she had waited money from her parents so she could come back.

The Macedonian Government has issued Alert for all citizens traveling to a different country.

- Consume water from bottles only.

- Consume foods that are kept on safe temperatures

- Double wash any vegetables or fruits.

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