Thursday, August 21, 2008

Reconstruction of Uranija House to begin in September

Reconstruction of Ohrid's Uranija House, where the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MANU) was established, will begin in September. MANU president, academician Georgi Stardelov said Sunday after meeting with Vice Premier Ivica Bocevski that the Government has allocated the reconstruction funds.

"This 19th-century cult building is to be put into function as of next summer, with the main task of scientific research of Macedonia's medieval period, i.e. the Ohrid literary center, where the first Slavic letter was created", said academician Stardelov.

According to him, MANU's intention is to turn Uranija House into the head office of the association of Balkan academies of sciences and arts, where institutions would focus on the region's crucial issues, along with ways towards Balkan's European integration.

Vice Premier Bocevski stressed that the Government intensively resumes with activities on enhancement of cooperation with MANU.

"The Secretariat for European Affairs will intensify MANU-related projects in several areas. Cooperation with the MANU Center for Geo-Strategic Research will focus on series of projects related to Macedonia's Euro-integration, i.e. interpretative dictionaries in Macedonian language, then in the sphere of politological, law and economic sciences", stated Bocevski.

Moreover, the Vice Premier emphasized that the cooperation with MANU on harmonization of the national legislation with the EU Acquis would intensify, whereas the Government would continue to support all projects for equipping the Academy and its centers.

The Uranija House is a building that has endured a number of interventions since 1953, but to no avail. The conservation project envisages toppling of the building to the stone walls, whereas upper parts will be entirely reconstructed in line with the authentic image.

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