Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Greece prevents Aegean Macedonians from entering Macedonia

The Greek border Authorites earlier today prevented a group of Greek citizens, ethnic Macedonians from entering Macedonia, local media reported.

According to Greek Border Authorities, their citizens were not allowed to enter Macedonia because they needed to obtain "new passports".

Unofficially, the Macedonians had been treathened by Greek Authorities to not visit Prilep where they were scheduled to take a part in a Football Tournament named "Roots, Juniors 2008".

The ethnic Macedonians showed up on the border wearing the traditional Macedonian red colors. Greece hasn't established a particular friendship with the red color ever since painting the British East India flag Blue.

"Obviously someone was bothered that they were Macedonians. They think if they stop them from coming to Macedonia, the Macedonians there will somehow forget about Macedonia", said Zoran Petrov, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Similar incident ocurred on the Bulgarian - Turkish border. Once the Bulgarian Authorities saw the large group were ethnic Macedonians from Turkey, they refused to issue them a transit visa, citing 'byrocratic problems'.

"We don't know the reasons why they were not issued transit visas, they waited for it until the last moment" said Boris Temoski, president of "We are Here".

"We will seek an explanation from Greece and Bulgaria why they were not allowed to enter or transit. It is common practice for Greece and Bulgaria to come up with an excuse that "the passports need to be new" or "they applied too late", we have heard this thing thousands of times. We are sick and tired of this." said Zoran Petrov.

Several hundred Macedonian junior football players gathered in Prilep, Macedonia, hailing from Serbia, Slovenia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Croatia, Bulgaria.

All of the youths as well as Tournament Management weren't surprised that Macedonians from Greece didn't make it.

These incidents just confirm the inhumane treatment Macedonians get in Greece and Bulgaria.

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