Friday, September 05, 2008

Milovanovic: Macedonia has no good future without NATO

There is no positive prospect for Macedonia unless it enters NATO soon, U.S. Ambassador to Macedonia Gillian Milovanovic said in an interview with Alsat-M TV station.

"In short, I don't think there is any positive prospect for Macedonia without membership in NATO, and I mean quick membership in NATO. It's a part of the continuity of the progress of your country, it's a part of the progress and integration with Europe that you all want, therefore I think that this should be your priority objective," Milovanovic said.

Ambassador Milovanovic further said that she was convinced that the name dispute with Greece could be solved before expiration of the term of the incumbent U.S. President George Bush, however, serious focusing on resolving of the problem is a necessary prerequisite for this.

"The real question is whether the Macedonian and Greek leaderships are ready to focus seriously on the problem and to seek for a compromise solution," Milovanovic said in her farewell interview before leaving the country.

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